Use calendar control date picker - excel automation, Use a calendar control or date picker to fill in dates how to create a userform with a calendar or date picker control on it tip: i create an add-in for windows and for the mac, check out the excel for windows add-in here : Vba - user form calendar control excel - stack overflow, Private sub userform_initialize() set calendar1 = new ccalendar calendar1.add_calendar_into_frame me.frame1 end sub i am using the frame option in the user form tool box. i am trying to control the format of how the date is entered into an excel sheet. if there is a simpler way i would love to know.. Calendar textbox userform - microsoft community, Q: calendar in textbox userform does anyone have code that will put a calendar in a userform textbox so the operator can click on the textbox and the calendar will pop up, then when they click a date the calendar will disappear, and the date they clicked will display in the textbox?.

Vba express : excel - userform calendar control, Userform calendar control click specifically formatted cells calendar userform pops . select year month, click desired day entered cell formatted .. Excel calendar userform - excel forum, If userform cluttered multipage control, userform calendar control page 2, displayed user enters date textbox & calendar clicked date entered textbox 7 user returns data page. Vba express : excel - calendar control select dates , From control toolbox, add calendar control (note: calendar control control toolbox : click control toolbox select "additional controls", browse "calendar control 10.0". size position calendar control desired. double click userform code module..

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