How saved $1 day , How much would you have if you saved $1 a day for your entire life? save $1 a day chart: how much you can save over the years.. If start 1 penny double money day, It depends on whether you count the first day in the 30 days. if you have one cent and on the "first day" you have 2 cents, and as day 1 is equal to 21 then your value on day 30 is equal to 230 cents ($10,737,418.24) this exponential function can be represented by the equation: f(x) = 0.01(2x) where x = the day number..

Penny day challenge - skint dad - penny counts, Well, penny adds quickly. year, save £700 putting 1p day , 2p day …. idea. normal (365 day) year save £667.95 leap year save £671.61 ( 2016 ’ll 2020).. 21 answers - double penny day 30 days. , On 30th day (31st tile), ~1t (2^30) pennies. sum previous pennies, grand total (2^31)–1 pennies.. If give penny day day , If gave penny day day day money year? day penny, answers: .

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