Perpetual calendar - virtual calendar | vp calendar, Perpetual calendar provides dates by year of all major holidays in the us and canada including jewish, chinese, christian holidays.. Sourceforge: , Astronomical julian date calculator the date system in use follows these rules: 1. julian calendar dates before october 1582. Calendar converter translator, Notes for use. the gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 ad and so before this year, dates have been extrapolated using the standard rules for gregorian leap years..

The julian calendar, What julian calendar? julian calendar introduced julius caesar 45 bc. common late 1500s, countries started changing. Ethiopian calendar - wikipedia, Enkutatash word ethiopian year amharic, official language ethiopia, called ri'se awde amet ("head anniversary") ge'ez, . When leap year? | earth | earthsky, The leap year 2016, 2020! leap days extra days added calendar synchronize earth’ orbit sun .

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