Mayan - starteach astronomy education, The mayan priest-astronomers. the mayan practice of astronomy was relegated to the ilhuica tlamatilizmatini, or "wise man who studies heaven".. History calendar, History of the calendar including astral themes, days, months and years, lunar and solar years, julian and mayan calendars, the working week, jewish and muslim. The maya empire kids, The mysterious mayas. advertisement. advertisement.

The sacred mayan calendar | mayan calendar portal, Describes tzolkin tzolkin calendar, explaining mayan calendar cycles types mayan calendar including haab, tzolkin mayan. The maya calendar maya world studies center , Welcome maya calendar, center maya world, greatest achievement maya culture ancient tradition. acquire authentic maya calendar .. 2012 phenomenon - wikipedia, The 2012 phenomenon range eschatological beliefs cataclysmic transformative events occur 21 december 2012..

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Climate change decline mayan civilization, New evidence shows that droughts were a significant factor in the fall of the mayan civilization. paleoclimatologist douglas kennett of pennsylvania state university. Pink blue: busting myths gender prediction {part, I’ve been looking up tons of gender prediction myths. i’m going to be doing a series of blog posts about […]