Why long tax refund alabama, My taxes were e-filed late but it has been 3 weeks where are they and why so long. Why alabama state tax refund long?, 8-12 weeks.. Why long tax refund , Saving to invest. home; about; why is it taking so long to get my tax refund and why your 2017 stated the dept of finance would take state refund to.

Why long alabama state tax return?, Why long alabama state tax refunds.. http://www.answers.com/Q/Why_is_it_taking_so_long_for_alabama_state_tax_return Where heck refund? - alabama tax, So, alabama taxpayer mailed return april 15, expect receive refund july 15. dor, processes 1.8 million individual returns year, 1 million showing refund. 50% ( 900,000) individual returns department april 1 april 15.. http://www.alabamatax.net/refund.htm Delay state refunds due state tax identity theft, Individuals expect state refund longer alabama delay issuing refunds year refund. important. https://www.crosslinktax.com/tax-updates/Delay-of-State-Refunds-Due-to-State-Tax-Identity-Theft-Prevention.asp

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